Monday, January 11, 2010

"Water Water Everywhere...

…but not a drop to drink.” We are now seeing how long we can make 200 gallons of fresh water last. Our watermaker pump recently died. It is amazing how we are in tune with all the sounds of the boat, and we both went running to see what happened when we heard the change in tone of the watermaker. The next morning Dave went into the lazerette storage area, where the watermaker pump is located, and pulled it apart to find two of the three nylon seals had fallen apart, damaging one of the tiny pistons.

Getting these specialized parts sent to us here in the Bahamas is a real challenge and logistical nightmare. Thank goodness for the internet! After making several phone calls to different distributors (back to the Batelco office again), we finally found someone that would work with us to get us the parts. He first emailed us a microfiche parts description page so we could choose exactly what we needed, then gave us all our shipping options. Luckily we have a friend going to NYC for a week and will bring us back this handful of very pricy parts, if they arrive at her house on time, of course. It will all be worth it though. Making our own reverse osmosis water is so convenient and gives us the independence that we enjoy. I am just so glad that Dave can maintain all these complex systems on board the New Horizon!

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