Saturday, February 13, 2010

DSTC...Timing Is Everything

Everyone is more laid back and people move slower here in the islands. It’s like a step back in time when even the local grocery store closes for lunch. Hope Town’s St. James Methodist Church has beautiful chimes that play hymns at noon and 6 P.M. every day.
When those chimes sound at 12 P.M., all work stops and especially the Haitian workers immediately drop everything for their lunch hour.

Apparently it’s not just lunchtime when it may be hard to get service. We had to go to the port authorities to register our little boat a few weeks ago. One of our friends that had recently done the same thing, gave us an important tip…don’t go while the 'Price is Right’ is on television because you probably won’t get waited on. Now that’s funny!

Usually though, it doesn’t matter what the time, day, or date is, and sometimes we all really do forget. In fact, it’s even hard to find someone who is wearing a watch. However, you’ll definitely need to keep track of the time and day of the week if you need money here in Hope Town.
Talk about banker’s hours?!

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