Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Best Laid Plans...

…often go awry. How true that statement is! We are still in Hope Town and will remain here for a few more days. The winds have picked up more than expected and we have heard reports that the northeast swells are already starting to make their way in the ocean passes. There is also a threat of severe thunderstorms, so we will stay secured to our mooring. The Harbour Rats are applauding that we are not leaving.

Speaking of the Harbour Rats, Dave gave a group of them lessons in Sunfish sailing yesterday. He did a final check out with them so they could go sailing once we have finally departed the island. I was in my kayak paddling around the harbor and stopped by to see how everyone was doing. I saw Dave in action and he is a fantastic teacher! He is thrilled to be able to do this and he now has 19 club members that know how to assemble, sail, and stow the equipment properly.

Our wifi connection will be terminated on March 31st, but if anything exciting happens before that, I will be sure to write another post. I plan on keeping this blog going even during the summer. Thanks for checking in and reading all my ramblings!

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