Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Pahl's Classics has now been transformed into a museum and workshop. Not only do we have a collection of classic motorcycles, but also outboard motors, and of course our 1939 Plymouth Road King.

Dave's idea to remove part of the back wall and make it into a garage door was ingenious. He now has more access for working on and storing our vehicles.

Before the garage door was installed, we had lots of work to do. This included moving part of the salvage yard (bikes and stumps removed), cutting out the wall and window, reconfiguring the parts and work area, plus removing old display cases and moving shelving and finding room for their contents. The end result is better than we had imagined and looks so much more open, cleaner, and organized.

Some of the bikes in the museum even run, and we take them out occasionally and have trail rides on the property. Everyone brings their own classic bikes and we take turns riding the different brands and types. It definitely makes all our work of keeping the trails clear and groomed worthwhile.

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