Monday, October 4, 2010

The Changing Faces of Fall

We had a gorgeous sunny weekend after the flooding, allowing the waters to recede. I just checked the Waterford webcam and there is finally a boat docked there for the first time since the bad weather began. The floating docks ended up rising up past the concrete seawall and water came over the sidewalk. West on the Mohawk River, a marina had a whole dock with boats still attached break loose and start floating down the river with the 10 mph current. Luckily all the boats and docks were found, rescued, and tied up again.

Our last remaining frog unfortunately disappeared during all the rain. He must have taken the opportunity to move on to greener pastures, or more like a larger pond. I will miss him sitting next to his replica stepping stone. The goldfish will soon be transferred to their winter home at the Rulison's house, where they will live in luxury in a filtered fish tank.

Dave and our friend John, worked on the shed roof all day today and it is back to its former 'glory' (as glorious as it can get anyway), after the big tree fell on it. The roof is ready to be sealed, and then we can put vehicles in it for storage. Dave and I also finished the gable end on the concrete garage, which will be pressure washed and painted if time and weather allows.

Now it has started to rain once again, but it's not expected to be like last week. We will concentrate on inside projects instead, and work on outside projects in between the showers.

To brighten up the next few days, I thought I would post some of our colorful fall pictures.

Our Pashley Ranch trails:

These pictures of Ticonderoga were actually taken a couple of years ago, since I think that by the time we get back up there this year, the leaves will be past peak.

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