Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Hauntings

Halloween in my mother's neighborhood is quite an event every year. Many of the houses are decorated, and some even make their garages and yards into 'funhouses'. Costumed children, teenagers, adults and even pets come from all over South Daytona to go trick-or-treating, and to see what the homeowners have come up with to entertain and scare everyone.

We always make this night a family get-together, and 'Chucky' even joined in the Halloween fun, accented with a strobe light and scary music. It was lots of fun listening to comments about whether he was real or not, with many people taking great pains to detour around him.We had a good laugh when my brother commented that it would interesting if he got stopped by the police on the way home and they asked him to open his trunk....

Below are a few more pictures of the neighborhood decorations and festivities.

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