Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Holiday Weekend, Day 1

Saturday was a monumental day for Dave. He competed in an observed motorcycle trials competition for the first time in over 30 years. Dave, Lisa Farmer, and Jim Ryan all had a fantastic time, but they were totally exhausted by the end of the day.

Trials competitions consist of several different sections and courses that offer different obstacles that the riders have to go over or through. Judges are standing by, observing and giving penalty points for any mistakes that are made. This means that the person with the least amount of points wins.

The types of bikes that are used are very unusual and have little if any seat, since the rider is standing on the footpegs most of the time.Lisa has a newer trials bike, but Jim and Dave rode their vintage Suzuki RL 250’s, which everyone there really liked ogling at..
In the end, Lisa came in 5th place, Dave was 6th, and Jim was 7th. Dave thought that was great, especially since he had beginner’s luck during the first two sections with a perfect score of zero. It was a bit of an eye opening experience when he realized that he, along with Jim and Lisa, are now in the senior class for riders age 50 and older! After completing the many physical challenges that this competition offered, he definitely felt humbled and a bit more senior-like. It hasn't deterred him at all though, and he is ready to make a practice area here on our property and get ready for next year's competition.

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