Monday, October 11, 2010

Holy Moly!

Literally! Well, I’m not too sure about the holy part, but I do know that several sinful words came out of my mouth when I saw what our lawn looked like. All the rain must have been conducive for grubs, which the moles then go after. I must have looked pretty funny stomping around the grass, trying to tamp down the tunnels. What happened to the cats that I saw hanging around hunting my chipmunks. Where were they when I actually needed them?

Now I can’t get “The Farmer in the Dell” song out of my head. The lyrics are a bit different and backwards though. The mole takes the grubs, the cat is supposed to take the mole, but I can’t find a cat, so I guess that leaves ME (the big cheese?) standing alone, or in this case…stomping!

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