Saturday, October 9, 2010

Keep On Truckin'

Recently we went to the Antique Truck Show in Ballston Spa. It was a beautiful fall day and we had a great time looking at the trucks, cars, tractors, and antique engines. There were lots of vendors also, selling both new and used items. We ended up getting great deals at the end of the day on a slate welcome sign, an antique hanging scale, and best of all, a classic old traffic light. Dave has it installed and wired outside the motorcycle shop. It will light up green when he is open, red when he is closed, and amber/yellow when he is not in the shop but still somewhere on the property.

Below are just a few samples of the many trucks we saw.

Nice paint job!

This truck had an airplane engine on the back of it. Periodically the owner would start it up and it was LOUD. Dave saw this last year also, and while standing there staring at it, he realized that it just couldn't be true that the engine was running. When they shut it off, the end of it kept turning. It must have been a big goof with a recording playing. Hardly anyone knew the difference.

This poor old truck had a sign on it that said, make offer before it goes to the scrap yard tomorrow. I thought it looked like it belonged in the animated movie "Cars."

This company had a whole fleet of tanker trucks, from a horse drawn truck, to a present day model.

This antique truck used to deliver fuel to Pan Am airplanes, and the fuel was poured in by hand from the milk can type containers.

A beautiful old logging truck circa 1926.

There was a great turnout of both antique fire trucks and classic military vehicles.

At the end of the day we couldn't resist parking our 1939 Plymouth next to our neighbors Greg and Wendy's Mack trucks. These vehicles certainly live up to our new motto of "making Pashley Rd. a better place!"

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