Friday, November 12, 2010

We have Arrived!

We are floating again! It’s been a very interesting past few days. I will write more about our trip on the freight boat when I can post pictures, but for now I can only write a bit of text with the wifi that I am using.

Once we arrived and climbed on board New Horizon, we were very pleasantly surprised to find that the inside of the boat was mildew free and as clean as when we left it back in April. Even the floors are still slippery from the overspray of the wax I used for the teak walls. The decks were in much better shape than previous years, keeping leakage down to a minimum. We also left the bilge drain plug out this summer, so there was no standing water in the bilge and this helped immensely. Perhaps it even enabled a bit of airflow.

Once we were launched, our two Yanmar engines started right up, but the electric generator fuel pump refused to work. Luckily Dave found a new one in our vast spare parts inventory, that we thank previous owner Mike for keeping it in stock. It shouldn’t just be called a spare part, because it is more like a marriage saver! As always the generator took a long time to start its new season, but finally it rumbled to life so we can now live off the grid. Actually, without having our refrigerator running yet, our power output has been so small the past two days that our solar panel, that kept the batteries charged up during the summer months, is keeping up with the electrical draw.

Now we are securely anchored in White Sound, Green Turtle Cay, while the fresh wind airs out the boat. Tomorrow we will attempt to start the watermaker and do lots of outside cleaning, plus try to stock up on some groceries (the stores are not stocked up as much as usual due to it still being the slow season). Soon, New Horizon will be back up to par and ready for the winter months here in Abaco.

Much more information will follow, especially about our latest adventure to get here, when we get a better wifi signal.

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