Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good Deed

During our cold spell, Dave and I found a great project to work on. Previously we had received permission to clean and organize the workshop of the local Wyannie Malone Historical Museum. This area had become a catch all, with wood and things (many broken) piled up until you could barely open the door. We saw the potential that it had, but when we first started out we just didn't know where to even begin. I think that's mainly where the problem initiated and why no one else tackled the clean up. I didn't take pictures at the onset, but did as soon as we could actually walk into the room.

Before (sort of):

During (all this wood was inside before I took the pictures above):


Now the workshop is fully functional again, for whatever projects need completed for this historical museum, which is manned by volunteers and funded by donations. This was a perfect way to stay warm and be productive by helping the local community.

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