Friday, December 31, 2010

Race Day

We finally had a perfect day to run the postponed Boxing Day Regatta. Eight cruising sailboats turned out for the race and the milder conditions were a welcome treat.

For the past few years, New Horizon and its crew have been both the race committee boat and the committee itself for this race, also known as the H. Bowen White Trophy Regatta. We were all ready to get to the the dock to pick up the race equipment and the rest of the committee members, and thankfully started early. We tried to start the main engines only to find their starting battery was totally dead. Oops, maybe we should go out of the harbor more often?! Luckily Dave could jump them from the house batteries and we were up and running (today while I split my time volunteering at the library and museum, Dave was off island looking to see what batteries are available).

Out in the Sea of Abaco, we set up a triangular race course. As you can see, Paul is using a high tech wind instrument to determine exactly where the course should be placed. LOL In the background, Dave is helping Ann put up Dave's custom made adjustable flag pole to start the race flag sequence.
Then Ray and Don picked up one of the race markers in the mark set boat.

The start was very close and all types of mono-hull and multi-hull boats participated.

The winner ended up being a late entry boat that was towing its dinghy! That made them true hard-core cruising boat racers. They sailed very well and caught up to the other boats very quickly.
Everyone had a fun time both in the race and at the awards stand-up. There were several new entries to the fleet, so it was great to meet these enthusiastic sailors.

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