Monday, January 17, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm

Before we had our last cold front and thunderstorms, we took advantage of the calm weather and headed out to the ocean reefs. We tried to find the wreck of the Adirondack (which still has several large cannons showing), but did not have the proper GPS coordinates, so that was a lost cause. Instead, we motored to the Fowl Cay Preserve and found a centrally located mooring ball to hook up to. The moorings have been placed in deep water next to each protected coral head, so boats don't anchor and damage the reefs.

The day was perfect for snorkeling, but the water was a very brisk 72 degrees. We had a snack and to my surprise, when I put crumbs overboard, a large school of Yellowtail Snappers just about jumped into the boat.
Dave quickly donned his snorkeling gear and went below to see the frenzy.
Then he snorkeled around in the crystal clear water, which we haven't seen the clarity this good since we went to the Exumas several years ago.

You can click on each picture below to enlarge them and see more detail.

What a fun day at sea!!


  1. Great pictures. Using the 5th one down for my computer desktop background.

  2. Oops -didn't count you leaning over the boat watching the reef action. How's your knee?? Anyway, love the 6th one from the top and enjoying the colors. LOL.