Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Catch of the Day

A local fisherman brought in this six foot long shark the other day, and it attracted quite a crowd.
Dave and our friend Jim, who was staying with us for a week, were the only people brave enough to go down and check it out.

They had gone snorkeling one day and saw a similar shark lurking in the distance (both of the guys and the shark kept a close eye on each other).

Having the shark left here was quite humorous with this sign.

I am presuming that after the curious onlookers dispersed, that the shark was made into some large steaks and fillets. It really was a nice example of what we believe is a bull shark.

It was interesting to see all its many layers of teeth, but they were smaller than expected. I guess that means it would have only taken little bites!

Shark attacks are very rare here in the Abacos, although this summer our sailing club's commodore's wife was bitten by a lemon shark while surfing off Hope Town. Her bites required 80-100 stitches, but she has such a good attitude about the whole incident. People keep telling her that she should be in an episode of the show series 'Shark Week' and she just laughs and says, "Show me the money!" I mentioned to her that I had just finished reading a book about an American Indian woman who claimed that the scars received after a cougar attack (if you survived) were considered to be a badge of honor. Since this is the Bahamas, the same could be said about shark bites, so she should wear her scars proudly. She is apprehensive about going out surfing again, and is nervous that no one will want to go with her. I told her everyone will want to be next to her, because there is such a small chance of a shark even going near her!

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