Thursday, February 3, 2011

Colorful MOW

This island is so pristine and colorful. We enjoy taking our time walking up and down all the little side streets, looking at the flowers, bushes, and gardens. They attract so many different birds, which gives us the challenge of 'Googling' both the birds and plants for identification.

We even came across a hummingbird in her nest, which was something we had never seen before. The nest was attached to the phone wires on the side of the house.

Below is a sampling of the sights around the settlement.

Colorful and eclectic Hilltop House.

Sammie Boy's Place and his Weeping Bench. The really sad thing is that Sam recently passed away.

Gorgeous poinsettia bush.

Nice hedge, but I thought they looked like pot plants!

Delicious looking veggies.

How about some fresh bananas or papayas?

This must be the tropical version of a gargoyle to keep evil spirits away.

Flowers border the street to the ocean and then the next stop is Africa!

This street had a view of the harbor and Sea of Abaco. The bush on the right looked just like it had cotton balls hanging from it.

There are so many varieties of tropical plants and flowers. No wonder the birds like it here. We sure do!


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