Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Madness

Since we returned to Hope Town, we have been going non-stop with sailing club events. There have been meetings, luncheons, dinners, a BIC (brief informal cruise), and numerous races followed by awards stand-up parties. Every day there has been something different to be involved in.

That is until today, when we had a break with nothing scheduled on our calendar. Amazingly, it was even sunny, warm, and CALM out! We quickly came up with a plan to do as much as possible in one day. We loaded up our skiff with the kayak, the water skis, our snorkel gear, and a picnic lunch, so we were ready for anything and everything. Yippee!

We headed south and the first order of business was to take Dave slalom skiing, which is always a rush for him to go skimming over the clear water.

Our ultimate goal was to go snorkeling at the Pelican Cays Land and Sea Park, but since the currents can run quite strong there, it is best to go as close to a tide change as possible. We had a bit of time to kill, so we stopped to go kayaking in Tilloo Pond, which reportedly has many turtles living in it. Sure enough, we saw quite a few of them in the shallow water of this lagoon.

With even more time on our hands, we continued on south past the ocean passes and islands to Little Harbour for lunch and more kayaking.We visited this area and Pete's Pub and Gallery last year by land, on a road trip to Cherokee (click HERE to see that post about Little Harbour). The Johnston Family settled here many years ago and started a foundry, but when they first arrived, they actually lived in the caves in the background of this picture. "Let me sell you a nice piece of land in the Abacos"...that's a for sale sign in the cave!

Finally the tide was slack, so we snorkeled at two different spots in the Land and Sea Park.

After another quick kayak trip in the area, we had one more stop to make before heading back to Hope Town Harbour. The tide was rising and we anchored off the beach at Tilloo sandbank to dry up and take a walk.

It's a good thing the days are longer now, since it worked out perfectly for our extended water safari! We accomplished our goals, and are ready to get back to the remainder of our March madness commitments in Hope Town.

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