Friday, March 25, 2011

The Tide Waits For No Man

However, sometimes 'MAN' has to wait for the tide to come back in!

Dave and our friend Sam tried to get this small boat out from under the sailing club dock, since it was sitting on the cross braces. The dinghy was just too heavy and needed assistance from the rising tide. The people that left the boat unattended without having a stern anchor down to keep it from blowing under the dock, arrived just as we were leaving. They were so shocked to see their predicament, and insisted that THEY hadn't put the boat there, and that someone had moved it! We explained what happens with the wind and tide, and although they claimed there was no anchor given to them by the resort where it was loaned to them, it was clearly visible to us (they just didn't notice it). Dave gave them a ride back to the resort and they were really nice people, but just didn't know the proper docking procedure here in the Abacos. Luckily no one, boats, or the dock were damaged. It just added even more excitement to another typical day in Hope Town Harbour.

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