Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chillin' Out

The past few days have been extremely cold and blustery. It's not just us southerners complaining either. I heard quite a few nasty comments while out shopping today, but that's mainly because we have been having 'white-out' snow squall conditions since early this morning. BRRRRR! Aren't we a full month into spring now?

Even this poor squirrel was a little confused as to how he was able to stand in the middle of the bird bath and not get wet. I guess his mother didn't teach him that his tongue could stick to the ice!

The birds may still be ice skating instead of bathing, but they now have plenty to eat. Within an hour of putting out the feeders, the cardinals, chickadees, sparrows, titmouse (or is that mice?), and even a nuthatch had returned and were vying for a perch at the feeder. Time will tell if I have to grease the pole with Vaseline to keep the chipmunks and squirrels from climbing it. What a funny sight it was last year, watching a chipmunk keep trying to get the feeder but sliding down the pole.

I'm sure spring will get here eventually, but this year Mother Nature certainly is taking her own sweet time.

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