Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's A Wrap

The haul out of New Horizon is quite an event for us, the storage yard crew, and the boat itself. Our trawler is the heaviest boat that they haul, launch and store at Abaco Yacht Services. We are so glad that we leave the boat there, and have total confidence in all they do. Every person associated with this storage yard is friendly, professional, and really knows what he or she is doing. When it is time to haul or launch, it is such a relief to just walk away from the boat and have them take over the whole process.

Before New Horizon is readied for 'life on the hard', our skiff is taken out of the water with the forklift and stored nearby. As you can see from how small the 'Safari' looks on the rails, they have the capabilities to move some pretty large boats with this forklift.

Then it is time for the main event, which takes about two hours to complete. First they move the boat from the dock to the center of the travel lift well. This proved to be a handful with the wind blowing our 40,000 pound boat back against the dock. An extra sling is put on the travel lift to accommodate our heavy weight.

Then the travel lift slowly raises the boat up and on to dry land.
It looks huge out of the water, especially so for the unfortunate employees who have to pressure wash the growth from the bottom of the boat.

Dave inspects the trim tabs, zincs, propellers, and drive shafts for corrosion, which all appear to be fine.
Once clean, it is time to move this behemoth to its summer resting spot, and is supported with wood blocks and metal stands.

Then the stands are chained together so they can't move or slide (especially important if there is a hurricane).
Finally the travel lift straps are removed, and New Horizon settles into place until November, when the process will be reversed!

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