Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Up, Up and Away

Last weekend we went to a local hot air balloon festival. Although certainly not on the grand scale of the ones held in the Adirondacks or out west, it was still lots of fun to see the different colors and varieties of balloons.

The spectators got to walk all around them and some were even asked if they wanted to help. Dave and nephew Matthew assisted in holding down this one basket while the owners secured the tether lines.

Another owner asked if the kids watching, wanted to help hold the mouth of the balloon open while the large gas powered fan blew it up.
Once the balloon is almost totally inflated, that is when they finish with the burners. This 10 passenger basket had 4 burners and the heat produced was sizzling hot!
During the sunset show, the balloons actually didn't go flying, but were all tethered. Some of the stunt planes did an impressive fly-by in formation.
As it got dark, it was quite a glow show with the burners lighting them up.

Tomorrow we get to do our own flying, in a jet (or two or three) back to Glenville. We are anxious to see how everything made out during the long snowy winter up north. It's time to go back to our 'other' life, and we love the diversity between our summer and winter seasons!

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