Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Scope It Out

Dave has acquired a very interesting new toy....oops, I mean new tool.
His 'magic' scope is especially handy for diagnostics and getting into tight spots, like inside the motorcycle gas tanks he tumbles clean (colonoscopy anyone?). He originally bought it to see what the problem was with Hercules, and it was instrumental in discovering that unfortunately the crank is totally out of round, so major surgery will be involved.

Another, much more fun, purpose for the scope is to check out the multitude of bird nests we have on the property. While mother robin was out, Dave looked inside to find these perfect blue eggs.

Note the different size and shapes of the eggs.

Then I noticed that house finches were flying out from my new hanging plant on the porch. Checking it out, now I know why...we found 5 eggs there!

This ought to make it challenging to water the plant. Guess I'll have to use warm water. Oh well, we certainly are used to working around the wildlife here. It's just another day on our wild bird and game farm.

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