Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ahhh, The Quiet Life

Finally the flood waters of the Northeast have receded enough for me to go kayaking. As I stepped out of the van at Lake George's Northwest Bay's backwater access, I couldn't help to exclaim, "I remember this!" Not an engine to be heard, nor a soul around but me and the wildlife. It was idyllic.

It was really calm and the lake itself was like glass.

I also paddled up to the headwaters, until I couldn't go any further.

That's when I came across this mother merganser duck with her baby hitching a ride.

Anxious to see more wildlife and continue on my tour, I headed to Eagle Lake the next day.

The wind had picked a bit so I stayed in the backwater creek.

I wasn't disappointed and not only saw the active beaver lodge in the above picture, but also flushed out a doe and fawn down at the water's edge. The mother moved on, but the fawn hid in the bulrushes for awhile before taking off to find its mother.

This very shallow creek opens up into a small lagoon before going over a waterfall and continuing on, and my turn around point.

What a great start to the kayaking season. It certainly is a whole other world while quietly gliding along.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Own Show

Let's face it. We have over active imaginations that affects all we do. After attending all the latest shows and events, we just had to get our yard into the swing of things. Since our property was originally a farm, why not start an antique equipment collection? It gave us a quest at estate and barn sales, and of course Craig's List. We have had so much fun gathering up our 'yard ornaments'.

It all started with this 3/4 size cart that we thought would look great, and it does! The man that sold it to us was amazing and had a nice barn collection of antiques that he was so proud to show us. We really felt like we were in an episode of American Pickers!

Then, we certainly couldn't resist this hay rake and sickle bar that were both horse drawn. Free! 'All' Dave and Jim had to do was get them out of the field they were in, easier said than done since they hadn't moved in many years. Dave was prepared with a come-along and two trailers and they are now placed in high visibility spots in the yard.

Next came the school bell, since my grandmother used to use one at their camp on Eagle Lake to call my grandfather back from fishing.

After that, we finally found a grinding stone that still works with a foot pedal. I remember my grandfather also had one of those that I used to play with as a child.

What farm can do without a horse drawn plow?

Dave really fell in love with this old pulley drawn saw and it is a must have in the collection.

Right now we're into finding accessories for the implements and Dave and Greg just went to a barn sale that was a 'picker's dream'. They literally scrounged through these out buildings with the chickens and cows still in them!

In two weeks they are going to hold the sale again, since there is so much left, and I will definitely go with my camera at the ready.

Since our estate sale accomplices also live on our street, it is appropriate that we now be known as the Pashley Pickers!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's Showtime! Part 3

One of our annual traditions is to go to the Gallupville Gas-Up. This show is mainly antique and vintage farm equipment, with hit and miss engines of all sizes on display, but it also has some very unique vehicles thrown in for good measure. The variety is astounding and entertaining. The event runs for two weekends, but the first weekend was a washout, so the second weekend seemed to draw more people and displays, making it the best Gas-Up we have been to. Here are some samples of these unique machines, almost all of which are in running condition and driven around the grounds!

There is a huge building on the property where the show is held, filled with engines and vehicles waiting to be restored. Barn fresh and still in the barn.

One of our favorite parts of the day was the stone crushing demonstration. Lots of noise and smoke, but it does the job!

All these shows sure got our imaginations in high gear and you'll see the results in my next post.

Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Showtime! Part 2

The second Monday of the month brought out tons of classic cars and trucks for the first Guptill's Cruise-In of the summer.

It's all in the details, and the best of our local vintage and antique cars and trucks were in attendance. Here are just a few of the hundreds we saw.

This truck was just like the original one that Dave's father used to have for his concrete well and septic tank business. Dave's earliest memory is of himself riding alongside his father standing up on the seat!

There were also several of these 'rat trucks' that appear to be popular now, with chopped tops, wild exhausts, and crazy details throughout.

As the grand finale, a very imaginative person made this boat to look like a car! Even the fisherman and accessories were made out of tools and metal parts, including the replica of his dog.

Gotta love it!