Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ahhh, The Quiet Life

Finally the flood waters of the Northeast have receded enough for me to go kayaking. As I stepped out of the van at Lake George's Northwest Bay's backwater access, I couldn't help to exclaim, "I remember this!" Not an engine to be heard, nor a soul around but me and the wildlife. It was idyllic.

It was really calm and the lake itself was like glass.

I also paddled up to the headwaters, until I couldn't go any further.

That's when I came across this mother merganser duck with her baby hitching a ride.

Anxious to see more wildlife and continue on my tour, I headed to Eagle Lake the next day.

The wind had picked a bit so I stayed in the backwater creek.

I wasn't disappointed and not only saw the active beaver lodge in the above picture, but also flushed out a doe and fawn down at the water's edge. The mother moved on, but the fawn hid in the bulrushes for awhile before taking off to find its mother.

This very shallow creek opens up into a small lagoon before going over a waterfall and continuing on, and my turn around point.

What a great start to the kayaking season. It certainly is a whole other world while quietly gliding along.

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