Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's Showtime!

We have been attending quite a few events during the past several weeks for motorcycles, cars, trucks, and even farm equipment. These shows have been terrific with vehicles and displays we have never seen before. There were so many unusual sights, but I thought I would share just a small sampling of each event by splitting up my pictures into three different posts.

Part 1 - Motorcycle Mania

Our first outing was held up at Lake George Village. This was the annual Americade week billed as "The World's Largest Touring Rally". We always like to go up and watch the bikes for an evening, plus it is the ultimate event to people watch. Below are some of the wild and weird motorcycles we saw.

Patriotic and exotic 606 cubic inch big block aluminum Chevy V-8 Boss Hoss!

I wouldn't want to drive too far with this seat...ouch! It started life as a totalled Kawasaki Ninja 600.
This stretched Suzuki Hyabusa had details galore, including a custom made talon fender.

Wild and wide...look at that fat rear tire.

Try steering this around a corner. The handlebars are taller than Dave!

I bet the fancy paint jobs make these two bikes go even faster. The orange one is a Harley V-Rod, and the purple one is a super charged chain drive V-Max, with nitrous!

The morning after we visited Americade, Dave and Lisa went to the antique motorcycle show at Rhinebeck, N.Y. They both brought bikes to ride around the show, since it was free admission for anyone showing up and riding in the entrance with an antique or vintage bike. Lisa brought her 1974 Honda XL 70, and Dave brought his rare 1970 Suzuki McLaren trials bike, which always draws a lot of attention.
Here are a few more show stoppers, even some that are barn-fresh.

Stay tuned for the next post with car and truck show pictures!

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