Friday, July 8, 2011


In this case though, it should be called ENGINUITY!

We are fast approaching the date that we leave for our Rideau Canal trip in Canada. It is imperative that we start working on the Bayliner 21 Hard Top that we acquired for overnight stays on the water. It was a minimal investment fixer-upper boat, so we knew it needed lots of TLC. The previous owner claimed it had some kind of an engine leak, but we did hear it run. We hooked it up to fresh water, started it, and discovered more water running out of the bilge than was coming out of the outdrive. The water was warm which meant that it was cooling the engine (a good sign) and the leak was most likely in the exhaust pipe (a bad sign). In order to access the exhaust, the outdrive had to come off and the engine had to come out. That’s when ENGINUITY comes in handy!

After much contemplating, Dave came up with this ‘enginous’ plan. Build a gantry with a block and tackle to lift the engine, see what the problem was, get parts and make repairs, then lower it back into place. We even had a custom lift for the outdrive shoved back in the corner of the motorcycle shop, that we put into service.

Voila! Problem found and it could have sunk the boat!

Parts were ordered and arrived quickly…all but one. The oil pan, which naturally has to go on the bottom of the engine, was shipped by ‘snail mail’, so the project could not be completed. Dave did install the new exhaust pipe last weekend, and the part arrived today so he will ‘button up’ everything this weekend. Meanwhile Dave has feverishly been working on cleaning the boat inside and out, and even made new cushions to sleep on.

Sea trials are next and hopefully we won’t run into any other major problems. It’s best to find them before we head out on our week long Canada trip though!

Check back soon for more details about our latest endeavor.

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