Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shame On Me

While Dave was busy reinstalling the Bayliner's engine and getting frustrated trying to work in the tiny engine compartment while not breaking any rusting bolts or parts, I decided to go kayaking down the LaChute River. I felt a bit guilty, but sometimes it is best to stay out of the way. I have such an understanding husband (or he wanted me to leave) that he brought me down to the base of the falls in Ticonderoga, even launched my kayak for me, and then picked me up later at the launch ramp on Lake Champlain, so I only had to go downstream.

Since I had about two hours to meander my way with the current and wind, I decided to go exploring in the marshes. There were lots of birds, fish and turtles, but I soon got lost in a sea of lily pads.

I knew I could always make my way back the same way I paddled in, but pressed on further, following what I thought was another kayaker's small water trail. Wrong! It was a beaver 'channel'! A beaver could make it under this branch, but certainly not a kayaker.

I did finally make it back out into the LaChute by aiming towards the flag over Fort Ticonderoga in the distance.

I love paddling through the tall grasses at the mouth of the river where it joins up with Lake Champlain.

As I approached the fort, I heard the fife and drum corps marching around the grounds. It sounded so eerie and I certainly felt like I had stepped back in time.

For more pictures and info on the LaChute from my previous post, click HERE.

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