Monday, August 15, 2011

Rideau Canal, Ontario, Canada

Despite our boat engine breakdown, we still had a great time virtually boating by land through the Rideau Canal System. We met up with the 3 other boats for several evenings of fabulous scenery, food and camaraderie.

Two of the rented boats were old cabin cruisers that were very minimalistic and spartan. It was quite 'cozy' for each of the couples that co-habitated together on these boats for the week. The houseboat was shared by Sharon and Jim, and compared to the other boats, it was a mansion, so we all made it our mothership. This is where we ended up making our meals and if picnic tables weren't available or it rained, the 12 of us cuddled up and ate inside also. Each of the 6 couples prepared dinner for everyone, and it is amazing what came out of the small galley.

Our favorite place we visited was Jones Falls. It was so picturesque with its flight of 3 stepped locks that led to a pretty turning basin, and then another lock before the climb up (or down) was completed.

There were several different interpretation/information buildings on site with walking trails through the park.

Dave and Jim befriended the canal's mascot.

This dam was spectacular and if you click on the picture you will be able to read about how it was built.

While exploring by land, we ended up driving OVER Chaffeys Lock, trailering the boat behind us, of course!

Almost all the locks are hand operated by the park staff.

We stopped and checked out Newboro Lock and launched the kayak to paddle around the islands in very shallow water.

We really appreciated everyone adapting their plans to allow us to join them at each day's destination. The week certainly had its challenges, but it was definitely worth the trip. We will always remember 'Perserverence, Endurance, and Tolerence!'

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  1. "Boating by land"? Now that is a new concept. It sounds like what we do most of the time.