Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When One Door Closes

Another Opens! This door led to the Rideau Antiques property. While trailering 'Full Circle' to Jones Falls we passed this antique store, which is definitely an understatement. Dave looked at me and asked if we should stop. Are you kidding..how could the 'Pashley Pickers' pass up this opportunity?

The outside piles went on for acres, but everything was organized according to item category.

Although I didn't take any photos, inside the house was the same, with only very narrow pathways between antique and collectible glassware and ceramics, tools, musical instruments, books, clocks, etc. You name it, they had it! Then across the street there was a huge barn filled with more items with paths through the old stalls. Heck, it even still smelled liked cows in there. The people that owned the place were so helpful and explained how Mr. Miller had been going to auctions and collecting for 49 years. Now items were being dropped off to them from others also.

We ended up finding and buying a couple of green glass demijohn bottles (one even had the wicker basket around it still) and a large apothecary jar with glass top, to add to my collection. Dave also bought two wood spoked front wheels to replace the rotting ones on the green pony cart at home. All of this was tightly packed in the van surrounding one of the kayaks. If we found much more we would have had to put the non-running boat to good use and start filling it up.

We may have missed out on going through the locks, but this was quite an experience in itself. We even went back to dig for more treasures a few days later.

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