Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Back to the Barn

The Bayliner has circled back to the storage shed for the winter. Although Dave did get it running again, there is still an unsettling ticking noise from the engine. We're running out of time to delve any further into the problem, so we'll start fresh in the spring. We're looking forward to getting Full Circle reliable enough to take it for overnight jaunts to Lake Champlain's Valcour Island and to the Thousand Islands in the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Gotta love the tow vehicle though!


Good Advice #1...

Don't forget to chock your trailer wheels. After unhooking the tongue of the trailer, the Bayliner rolled back off the planks it was on, stopped only by the back wall of the shed.

Good Advice #2...

If someone yells "LOOK OUT!", duck and run. When Dave saw the boat trailer rolling, that's what he yelled, and I had a wicked flashback. The last time he said that while working on a boat, was when we had our Caliber 28 sailboat. It was having its mast removed in preparation for being transported from Florida to Lake Champlain, and I was on deck guiding the mast up from the boat itself. Apparently the mast wasn't positioned properly as the crane raised it, and the added weight flipped the mast upside down. Both the crane driver and Dave yelled those famous words, "LOOK OUT!" I had no idea what was happening, but running and ducking saved my life. I missed being beheaded by mere inches. That happened way back in 1987, but when Dave yelled as the Bayliner started rolling (I was walking away from the boat at the time) it all came back to me. Wow, another full circle event. Better yet, maybe we should rename the boat Deja Vu!

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