Saturday, September 24, 2011


We defiantly defied the mosquitoes on our annual fall 'rite of passage' hike on Mt. Defiance. It was worth it though, because the view of both Lake George and Lake Champlain is fantastic. It was one of those crisp clear days, which we have had few of lately, so it made us really appreciate the weather and our surroundings.

As we sat there at the pinnacle of this land between the lakes (which is what Ticonderoga means), the water was shimmering in the sun and we could see how Lake George is actually higher than Lake Champlain.

Lake George:

Lake Champlain:

It was extremely peaceful and serene. Birds were flitting around in the trees and calling to each other. We got a close up view of a turkey vulture as it almost came face to face with us. Then we were treated with two eagles soaring in the updrafts. Suddenly a small flock of geese flew in formation overhead, but diverted quickly when they got a glimpse of the eagles. I could just imagine the leader yelling, "Everyone go right, go right NOW!" They just about ran into each other when the head goose turned, but then fell back into formation and continued their migration south. It certainly made us think about how we will soon be heading that way also.

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