Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Finally Some Good News

New Horizon lives on! We just got an email from the boatyard saying that the only damage they can see is that the small windshield in the flybridge has broken and is missing. They also sent pictures of the outside of the boat that showed that all our other 'toys' (kayak, windsurfer) are still on board. Our dinghy and skiff are sitting pretty with their canvas covers on, so it looks like our 'floating marina' will be present this winter. Even our solar panel is still attached to the davit on the back of the boat, and hopefully the batteries continue to be charged. As an added bonus, the inside of the boat is dry with no water intrusion. After seeing the flooding and damage at Green Turtle Cay, we have no idea how everything survived so well. We must be doing something right when we prepare our boats for summer storage.

We are so relieved and thankful, and really appreciate how well Abaco Yacht Services takes care of our boats...and us!

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