Wednesday, October 5, 2011


The yearly migration has begun. The geese are honking as they fly south, and can be seen in just about every field and body of water along the way. We have lots of different birds stopping for a rest and a meal at our feeder before continuing on their journey. The hummingbirds have departed and there even seems to be fewer deer around. We also had some gorgeous butterflies passing through our yard yesterday.

I was glad that my marigolds were still in bloom for them to land on and have a bit of respite (although that may all change tomorrow when we get frost).

Gee, even our Honda Helix motorcycle will soon be on I-95 South, as it it gets transported down to Daytona for more explorations and adventures during our family visits.

When will we join the migratory ritual? We are getting closer to setting a date, but our list of projects here just gets longer. For now we will have to be content being observers and not participants.

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