Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Where Did October Go?

Looks like October has gone the way the rest of the summer season has gone...way too fast!

It's been a month filled mainly with ongoing projects that needed to be completed before our southbound departure.

The Ticonderoga house has been winterized and the toys are back in their toybox. It was a gorgeous fall day when we went north, and we had a colorful ride on Tongue Mountain's twisty roads.
We also took one last walk along the LaChute Trail and the colors were at their peak.

It is always hard locking the door for the last time of the season, especially since it was so nice out that day. We knew it had to be done though, since there was so much else that had to be taken care of.

Among our other chores, Hercules has been the biggest project. The engine was put back together with Kevin's help. Then it was time to reinstall the 800 lb. engine back in the frame with the New Holland tractor (which barely lifted it).

The front end sits ready to be reinstalled.
Two happy mechanics!
That is until it was all hooked up and didn't run. Smiles turned to frowns with several different theories as to the cause. Unfortunately we've run out of time, money, weather, and patience, so Herc is now totally back together and parked under the big shed out back. As is the Full Circle, which also needs engine work in the spring. Dave will have his hands full when we return, because people have already been dropping off motorcycles for him to work on next year. He better rest up this winter!

We did have one last 'Rally in the Woods' ride this month, and everyone declared it our best yet (I think the 'bar is raised' each time).

Many thanks go out to Kenny, Kerstin, and Tyler for being such great hosts, and to everyone who brought so much delicious food and other goodies! Thumbs up and thanks again to Andy, who once again played our favorite tunes...definitely a hit with the crowd! Should we name this air band 'Classic Old Men'?

Yeehaw! 'Johnny Vortex' gave a great trail tour with the Farmall.

We started setting up for the rally at 9 A.M. and the last piece of wood went on the campfire at 9 P.M. No one wanted to leave, which shows how much fun we all had. At the end of the night, Sara paid tribute to herself and the riding season by putting flowers on her own memorial where she broke her ankle this spring. Hopefully this will please the trail gods so it doesn't happen again next year.

We are now in our final phase of preparing to leave the cold, damp northeast. Our flight south is on Halloween Monday. First stop...Daytona. We are ready!

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