Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ahh, Warmth & Palm Trees

We have arrived in Daytona! It was great to trade our falling leaves and 24 degree early morning temps for palm trees and a nice mild 72 degree evening. We certainly looked like trick-or-treaters at my mother's front door with our 'costumes' of turtleneck sweaters and jackets. We couldn't wait to shed our layers of clothes and get into our Crocs.

Unfortunately that Halloween night became a bit showery so there weren't quite as many kids and parties as last year, but still entertaining. Well worth the trouble we went through to get plane tickets so we could arrive in time for the annual festivities.

Our Honda Helix was sitting in the garage waiting for us, and we have been out exploring for the past two days. First stop was Walmart where they even have special parking for motorcycles. We parked right next to another Helix, so I guess we fit right in with the rest of the retirees. Dave says it is the perfect way to begin 'geezer-dom'! As we rode around we realized that we are now both eligible to live in all the 55+ adult trailer parks. I don't know if we should laugh or cry.

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