Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Day At The Fair

This weekend Dave and I went to the Volusia County Fair with my brother Rick. It was a perfect day to wander the fairgrounds looking at all the displays, animals, wild rides, and of course the tractors.

We even hung around for the tractor parade, hoping that we would be invited to drive some of the older ones that sat lonely and unmanned. We weren't part of the chosen few though. I think it's because we didn't have our cowboy boots on!

A fair isn't complete without the wide variety of foods, and this one beat out all others. Just looking at what was offered made our cholesterol count go up several points. The concessionaires deep fried just about everything imaginable including BUTTER! We certainly bypassed that, but couldn't resist trying the famous fried Kool-aid. It was more like funnel-cake batter with Kool-aid in it, and was really quite tasty.

Rick had to pose by the gigantic bottle of chocolate syrup that is probably the only size bottle that could satisfy his son Matthew's chocolate milk craving.

After having our fill of fair delicacies, we explored some of the other shows and displays. Dave tried his hand (literally!) at milking a cow, but the poor plastic cow was 'fresh out', but mooed at him.

He also tried panning for gold but alas, he didn't get to trade any in for his beloved candy. You all know how hard he must have tried to find some though!

One of the best shows was the Frisbee dog exhibition and these rescued dogs were truly amazing. Of course the trainers were too. What a workout for them and play time for the dogs.

There was only one disadvantage of going to the fair. Now all three of us want more tractors!

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