Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fins To The Left

And fins to the right...'dol-fins' that is!

With another rented kayak we did an exploration near the Port Orange bridge on the Halifax River. Right underneath the bridge we came across several dolphins feeding and frolicking. They seemed to be playing with the fish and were tossing them in the air (probably to stun them).

This one seemed to be pretending to be a shark, skimming along the surface of the water.

My dolphin 'fix' was complete so we continued on our way. The tide was low, but we maneuvered around the shallow oyster bars and circumnavigated the aptly named Seabird Island. The island itself is now a mobile home park and small marina.

However, the outlying barrier islands had tons of pelicans roosting in the mangroves. It doesn't seem possible, but I think there were more birds here than down in New Symrna Beach.

What a great afternoon on the water!

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