Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gone In A Flash

And a HUGE splash! We went kayaking on Cracker Creek this week and saw the largest alligator we have ever seen (and we have seen many gators in all our travels)! Unfortunately I didn't have time to take a picture, since it all happened so quickly. We were paddling our way back up the creek, wondering where the spot was that we had heard a huge splash and saw waves on the water as we passed by. Apparently we found it, because I looked over at the sandy bank just in time to see this gigantic alligator scurrying back into the water, making another splash and a tsunami wave that rocked our double kayak. I screamed, hung on to the paddle with one hand and my heart that was beating out of my chest, with the other hand. My next thought was, "Damn, I should have grabbed the camera which was right in my lap!" Dave's comment was, "You know, he's right below us." What a nice husband to put me at ease. Ha!

The rest of the trip was very pleasant with very few people around. Cracker Creek is just south of Daytona and is a tidal creek, although there isn't much current in the area that we were in. It was extremely calm in the cyprus backwaters and bayous.

We saw lots of birds and turtles, and even a 'friendly' snake (back on land at the rental launch area).

Most of the turtles would plunge off the logs as we approached.

Great Blue Heron

Little Green Heron (Green Backed Heron)

Our two hours of paddling went by amazingly fast, and now we are looking for more places to rent kayaks to explore the area.

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