Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Old and the New

Along with the beach itself, Daytona is known for its boardwalk and bandshell. Through the holidays, an ice skating rink has been set up so that you can skate while overlooking the ocean.

It must be a treat to cruise around on the ice in your shorts. They even sell socks since many people arrive in sandals.

These huge concrete blocks hold the tent down, while this machinery runs non-stop to keep the ice from melting.

Mom had a good laugh when Dave tried to convince her to take a lap around the rink.

The boardwalk itself as changed a lot since I was there as a kid. Many of the old buildings have been torn down. The wood has been replaced with bricks and concrete, with yearly racing history engraved right in the blocks.
A large motorcycle racing memorial has also been built, surrounded by individual sponsor's' plaques that were interesting to read.

We were glad to see that the old clock tower has been preserved despite the building of the high rise hotels. The letters DAYTONABEACH coincidentally replace the numbers on the clock.

Walking along the beach and boardwalk sure was a great way to bring back fond memories of days past.

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