Friday, November 18, 2011

Water Sightings

We took a different kind of kayak trip down in New Symrna Beach. We rented a double kayak for a couple of hours and paddled our way around a few different marinas. It doesn't matter where we are, we always have to look at boats. Today was no different, and we came across this classic trawler as the highlight of the trip.

Of course we also saw lots of different types of birds, including pelicans roosting on this island...more than we have ever seen in one place.

It was great to watch their antics and made us realize how much we miss seeing them in the Bahamas (for some reason there are very few). However, the smell downwind of the island was enough to gag us, and that day all the boats were downwind too! Whew...I certainly wouldn't want to be living aboard.

Other birds we saw were this Little Blue Heron,

A Snowy Egret,

And a Louisiana Heron (aka Tricolored Heron).

Turkey Vultures, ospreys, and cormorants were in abundance also.

We were a bit disappointed not to see any dolphins on this trip. It's always fun to have them surface next to us in the kayak (even if I do almost fall out when they startle me!). We did however see many dolphins in Ponce Inlet the next day, while walking out on the fishing jetty. It was a busy place with fishermen catching fish from the jetty, dolphins frolicking and feeding in the inlet, and surfers catching waves on the ocean side. Just another typical day at the beach.

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