Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boxing Day Blues

It just figures that after many weeks of windy weather, the wind would completely die for the Boxing Day sailing regatta. The race was cancelled for the day when the boats couldn't make it over the starting line.

I think the one Rage crew member looks like he is standing there scratching his head saying, "Why are we out here, and how are we going to get back to the harbor?" They did end up being towed back.

What did we do once we (who are on the race committee) made it back to the dock? We took the 's' off of blues, as in blue water, and headed to Fowl Cay reef. The crystal clear water temps are still around 75 degrees, so with a wetsuit it made the snorkeling perfect. I didn't stay in as long as Dave did, because I wanted to feed the fish from the skiff. The yellowtail snappers were a bit leery at first, but as soon as the sargent majors and bermuda chubs joined in the action, it turned into a feeding frenzy. The snappers were grabbing the bread so fast at the surface of the water that I ended up getting wet from the splashing. It didn't matter since I was already wet from being down there underwater with them to start with.

Feeding the fish from the boat:

Watching underwater:

A southern stingray even passed right under the boat to check out the action.

So the old saying still is true. "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." What a gorgeous day on and under the water!

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