Monday, December 12, 2011

Dilemma Unfolding

We have been lucky so far this season. All systems have been working well...until now. Dave finally got a chance to investigate the exhaust leak that has been intensifying. What he was hoping was a gasket leaking, is actually a major problem. A chunk of the turbo charger link of the starboard exhaust system has fallen out, leaving a large hole in the flange. Dave continues to smile though, as he crawls out of the engine room! He was glad to have found the problem even if it does create a dilemma.

Right now, Dave is on his way to Marsh Harbor in the skiff (in 20-25 m.p.h. winds), to find a welder to see if there is any chance it can be welded. The port engine exhaust has the same problem, but not quite as bad, so he has left that link attached, just in case we need an engine in an emergency situation. Time is an important factor since we are supposed to be the committee boat for the Boxing Day sailboat race, the day after Christmas. All the rest of the Harbour Rats are leaving to go Stateside for the holidays, so no one can substitute for us. Nothing happens too fast in the Bahamas to start with, let alone at Christmastime. We'll keep our fingers crossed that the welders will come through for us. For now though, we have a great mooring and New Horizon makes a fine houseboat. At least this hole isn't in a place that could cause us to sink!

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