Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First Fundraiser

Yesterday we attended the fundraiser event for the local Bahamian race boats, Abaco Rage and The Dove. The Class 'A' Rage sails in local races, but the smaller Class 'B' Dove participates in the national competitions down in George Town, Exuma. Upkeep on these engineless wooden boats requires constant attention and money, plus getting the Dove to the southern Bahamas is a challenge in itself. The Dove is loaded onto a Bahamian mailboat for the trip.

This is the Dove out of the water and Dave stands next to the mammoth keel.

Dave helped tow the Rage over to the government dock where the party was held. He is becoming more involved with the Abaco Rage Sailing Syndicate (A.R.S.S.).

This picture shows the prys that get extended, and the crew has to climb out on them during the race. The 28 foot Rage sails with a crew of 10-15 depending on the wind.

Class rules state that the sails cannot be synthetic material, and they must be sewn in the Bahamas.

Belinda and Amy are hard at work selling shirts, while Ben can't wait to sample some of the famous gin and coconut water drinks.

Wild pig was on the menu along with homemade coleslaw, and the tasty Bahamian specialty, peas 'n' rice. The peas are more like a pinto bean mixed with rice in a spicy sauce. Dave and I were caught on 'film' sharing our meal.

The Abaco Rage has its own website being set up, and you can find updates and information by clicking on the link under 'my blog list' on the sidebar of this page.

The festivities kicked off the first of many great fundraising events here in Hope Town. Another reason we blend in with this community so well!

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