Saturday, December 3, 2011


It seems like we just started our winter cruising season and it's already intermission time! While we wait for the sea to get calmer and the ocean passes to stop raging, we thought we would make a couple of posts on the 2011 Daytona Turkey Run Car Show.

These first bunch of photos are actually motorcycles called 'Rat Rod Bikes'. They were made by a company called After Hours Bikes. To see their website click HERE.

Pictures and comments from motorcycle guru Dave:

I deeply appreciate people with an overactive imagination, these builders really think outside the box..........

These bikes started out as late model metric cruisers, however one is from Milwaukee.

The really cool feature was air ride suspensions that would let the bikes park on the ground without kickstands.

I do believe that these bikes couldn't pass a N.Y.S. vehicle safety inspection. Florida dosen't have vehicle inspections.

The identity of the actual brand of bike was almost impossible to distinguish.

It was just a matter of time before someone applied the rat rod design philosophy to motorcycles. I think they should be called GHETTO CRUISERS.

These creations are almost 10 feet long.

There are a lot of one-off fabrication and design here. You don't build these things with parts you buy on e-bay!!

I wonder what they are like to actually ride...........

When 4 of these things came cruising in, the crowd just stopped what they were doing and started snapping pictures.

I have seen a lot of variation on the motorcycle as a vehicle in my 45 year involvement with them, but this was over the top!!

It was the most extreme thing I had ever seen done with a motorcycle.


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  2. Found your site when doing a image search for rat rods. Name is Tadd, and the owner of After Hours Bikes is a friend and neighbor of mine.

    You can check them out on Facebook as well (I'm his FB admin) where there are some pictures of some new bikes. The copper bike known as "The Hater" is really unique.

    Check them out.

    Thanks for the complements about the bikes, After Hours works hard at being original.

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