Saturday, December 10, 2011

Irene's Calling Card

We did a tour in the backwaters of the harbor today, and found some of the damage that Hurricane Irene caused.

Actually the boat next to us barely survived the storm. Sozo, lost its mast and rig, and looks pretty sad. What a shame because Dave knows the owner and went sailing on Sozo last spring. We had permission to take her out sailing and were looking forward to it this winter.

Next came this mess, which at first we couldn't figure out what happened.

The boat lift broke and the bow of the big boat fell into the water. There is also a dinghy on its side in front of it. What a challenge it will be to get everything untangled.

Way back in the mangroves, we found two boats tied up.
This is the best spot to put a boat for a hurricane and we see this quite often. The mangroves are very strong yet flexible, and provide a great haven for vessels.

End of the line...this is where many small boats ended up after not only Irene, but other hurricanes as well.

Black cat in the Loo...must really mean bad luck!

Considering that Irene was a category 3 hurricane, luckily there wasn't as much damage as we would have expected. That includes not just boats, but buildings and trees also. Everything is green and flowering again already. The worse part is probably the beach erosion, but that too can be cyclical. The next storm could possibly bring the sand back. All in all, thankfully Abaco fared quite well.

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  1. This made me think of liveaboards in Boot Key Harbor tying up in Whiskey Creek and Sister Creek.