Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just Another Sunday

It seems like I say this a lot, but the wind continues to howl here in Abaco. Today was the quietest day we have ever seen in and around Hope Town. I think that everyone was hiding out of the wind and resting up before the Christmas rush of tourists.

I woke at sunrise to a gorgeous sight we seldom see. The huge full moon was setting and the sun was rising at the same time, so I could see them both on the same level.

Then it was on to friends Philip and Janet's house, Cozy Villa, where we were treated to a delicious breakfast of waffles, bacon, fruit, and lively conversation!

Back on board New Horizon, it was time to see if the washer and watermaker were still working, and luckily both are functioning quite well. At least with all this wind, drying the laundry certainly isn't an issue! Plus there's nothing better than knowing we are independent and refill our water tanks by making fresh water out of sea water.

Most of the afternoon was dedicated to exploring on land. With most of the workers not around, it was a perfect day to check out the renovations at the Hope Town Marina. When completed, this is going to be quite a resort. This is the pool area, complete with swim up bar.
Dave couldn't resist giving it a 'dry run.'

Then we meandered over to Lighthouse Marina and came across the Abaco Rage hauled out of the water. Dave will be helping to sand and paint it before it is launched for the racing season.

At low tide, Dave helped install a swim platform on our friends Colin and Jan's Rosborough 24. It was a long way up to the top of the dock.

Meanwhile, I went for a walk along the north end of the island. I just had to laugh at this truck parked along the road. I think it's seen better days, but was still in service.

A much nicer sight was one of the Hope Town Volunteer Fire and Rescue fire trucks, sitting at the ready at the north end boat basin. Hopefully the next fundraiser event will do well enough to provide a shelter for this refurbished truck. The salt air certainly takes its toll on vehicles, as the other picture shows.

Getting back to the boat and securing the skiff is a challenge in this much wind. I am getting pretty good at judging the swing of the New Horizon so I can pull right up to the fenders on the side.

Tonight, as we sit in the main salon looking out the windows, our view keeps changing back and forth. First we see the bright white moon rising in the east, and then a few seconds later we swing around to the west and see the Christmas lights blowing in the wind on the lighthouse.

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