Friday, December 9, 2011

Lighting The Lighthouse

We arrived in Hope Town just in time for the annual Harbour Rats tradition of decorating the lighthouse. There were a few obstacles to overcome this year, but the mighty 'Rats' persevered. First problem was that the storage building, where some of the lights and the specially made rope to bring them up to the top are kept, was still barred shut from the hurricane (plus the door was falling apart to start with). Luckily Dave brought the 'key', aka a crowbar.

Then Spirit Mark and Dave set to work on gaining entry until Mark spotted a snake.

While everyone else stepped back, (more like RAN back) Dave enticed the snake onto the 'key' and put it in the bushes.

Once inside, the guys discovered that our rope was missing and a new one had to be made. Surf Song Doug, went back to his boat to get a new line, while Dave found a huge shackle for a weight, so the line could be lowered down from the top of the lighthouse.

The rest of the process went quickly and flawlessly, since we all have done this so many times before.

This year we also had the help of a couple of girls that are missionaries and St. James Church Youth leaders. They were so helpful and ran up and down the lighthouse stairs with whatever was needed up above.

Schooner, from s/v Spirit, also showed her support, but always kept her eye to the sky..."I see you up on top, Mom and Dad!"

It's always great to see the lights, especially that first night when they get turned on. Comments were even coming over the VHF radio about how good they look. What a fantastic feeling to know we were instrumental in putting them up.

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