Friday, December 30, 2011

Mini Junkanoo

Last night we went to a Junkanoo competition at one of the local resorts. Two of our favorite groups performed...the Treasure Cay Explorers and the Spring City Rockers. They didn't have their whole entourage with them, since they had to adapt to the small street. However, the costumes, music, and dancing were still fantastic!

The crowds waited in anticiaption for the first group to arrive. We could hear (and feel) the beat of the drums, and sounds of the horns, tubas, and whistles.

Then the colorful parade began.

We really enjoyed seeing that the kids were even involved in the event. What a big drum to handle, almost as big as the kids themselves!

Right after the fireworks over the harbor at the stroke of midnight, there will be a Junkanoo Rush-out through the streets of Hope Town. This is when anyone can join in the fun and dance to the beat behind the costumed performers and musicians. What a memorable way to ring in the new year!

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