Sunday, December 4, 2011

More Teasers For The Motorheads

Back in Daytona, we arrive at the Turkey Run in style! Parking problems solved!!

It's exciting entering the speedway through the tunnels. The burnouts sounded great too!

Wow!, a mid-engined, retro-sleeper-cab, roll-back, hot-rod hauler.

Dave's favorite, a 6400 series Chevy twin-boom Holmes wrecker from the early 50's, for sale, $8,900.

What color Shelby would you choose? This line-up of brand new replicas started at $75,000.

How about this jet engined Corvette Stingray funnycar!!

This 59 Chevy was shaved and moulded, it looked like it was ready to take flight!

COUPES ARE FOR CHICKENS, this 2 door rat-rod was as low as they can be!

When one GMC 6-71 blower is just not enough.....

How about this 3 wheel Isetta with it's matching outdoor bar-on-a-trailer?

A 34 Ford 3 window coupe done up in Harley Davidson trim.

Dave can't decide which classic gas pump he likes best. Wouldn't one look great in front of the shop?

Carol agrees that size DOES matter!

Wouldn't this look great being towed through the Pashley trails by the Farmall tractor? It even spins around! I WANT ONE!!!!

This Willys has the tallest intake hardware I have ever seen! It is higher than the roof!

When a beautiful T-Bucket is not enough, arrive in style carrying it on a 1927 Chevy roll-back hauler!

This pretty pink pre-war Chevy carried these two great looking antique cycles all the way from Quebec!!

Santa and Mrs. Claus even came to town for the event in their own 'streeet rod'.

Here are some numbers about the grandness of the Turkey Run, 4,000 vendor spaces, 2,500 cars, just in the car corral section, 4,800 show vehicles and 125,000 admissions over 4 days, it was GREAT!!

And here in Abaco, the wind blows on...

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