Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bank Deposits

Tilloo Bank is one of our favorite places to visit in Abaco. The only 'money' deposits found here are sand dollars though! That's because Tilloo Bank is a sandbank. Its shallow waters extend from Tilloo Cay on the ocean to almost halfway across the Sea of Abaco. All the built up sand makes for a great little beach on the island itself.

Dave found some great 'deposits' in the sand while snorkeling at high tide. He made some temporary withdrawals so I could take some photos.

An unusual sight was this horse conch which was the first we had seen in the Bahamas.

Plus the queen helmet shells were gorgeous.

Since these shells still had live animals in them, Dave took them back out and deposited them back underwater, past where the low tide would not uncover them.

Above the high tide line I found a resident hermit crab and several curly tail lizards as 'bank tellers'.

Our banking business was complete, so as the sun started to set and the tide ebbed lower, we needed to get into deeper water. We didn't want to get stuck on Tilloo for the night when the bank closed.

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