Sunday, January 8, 2012


Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, and even more so here in the Bahamas. However that didn't apply to us today.

Dave, Bill and Jim spent the morning helping Chris with a Hope Town Volunteer Fire and Rescue project. They cleared land and prepared a pad for the large tent building that will provide shelter for "Sherlock", the fire truck at the north end of Elbow Cay.

I grabbed the PeTite Cruiser kayak and paddled up to see how the project was coming along.

How many people does it take to rake the sand fill? Apparently three 'hams', and one to take their picture!

A Bahamas wheelbarrow. When the hardware that holds the handles on rusts away, just add more wood to brace it up.

The guys had a 45 minute break for lunch before we jumped in our skiffs and headed to Pelican Cays National Park Preserve for some snorkeling on the reef. The water was bit stirred up, but there were plenty of fish to see and several turtles and small southern stingrays. Then we all had a treat when a huge spotted eagle ray cruised through. After we all got out of the water, Jim decided to stay in for awhile and saw 7 of the rays swimming underneath him.

After a quick stop to warm up on Tilloo Bank, we headed home at sunset. To top off this perfect day, the full moon made a spectacular entrance when it rose over Hope Town.

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